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[资料] 史上十大自制魔方(转)

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The Top 10 Greatest Custom Twisty Puzzles of All Time
Posted - 22 November 2008

原贴地址: http://twistypuzzles.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=11664

作者: Jin H Kim
翻译: sokoban

[译者注: 自制魔方是魔方的一大迷人之处.twistypuzzle.com的论坛可以说代表了自制魔方的最高水平.Jin H Kim也是一位资深的自制魔方玩家,他在twisty puzzle 论坛九周年之际的这篇文章, 可以让我们一窥国外自制魔方的一些发展历程.故翻译一下,发在这里,供大家参考.本人水平有限,翻译中错误肯定很多,请大家指正. twisty puzzle在文中全部被翻译为"魔方",后面翻译的比较简略了...]

The 24th of November 2008 marks the 9th anniversary of the Twisty Puzzles forum. In celebration of the occasion I decided to write about what I felt was a list of the Top 10 custom twisty puzzles ever made. The puzzles were chosen using several key criteria, including puzzle desirability, innovation, and overall significance in the custom puzzle community. Most of the puzzles here are milestones and have made a great impact one way or another.

2008年11月24日是 Twisty Puzzles 论坛建立9周年的日子. 为了庆祝这特别的一天, 我决定写一下我心目中的史上十大自制魔方. 这十个 魔方的选择主要考虑到下面几个关键标准: 吸引力, 创新性, 和在自制魔方社区里的重要性.

The types of puzzles on this list range from simple shape modifications to the complete 3D printed and cast puzzles although the line was drawn at sticker variants as there are far too many to be properly represented. In some cases there is a degree of overlap between builders, but ultimately the credit mainly goes to the "first" substantiated physical release of a particular puzzle. While the main focus is on the puzzle itself, the influence of the builder can't be completely ignored and in some cases strongly influences the decision to include the puzzle.

本十大列表中的魔方类型包括了从简单的形状改造到全部由3D打印和铸造的魔方, 但是不包括仅仅是贴纸不同的变体, 因为贴纸变体太多而无法选出合适的代表. 在某些情况下, 会有制作者重叠的现象, 但最终的荣誉赋予第一位做出物理实体的人. 虽然此列表关注的是魔方本身, 但制作者的影响力不能被忽视, 有时制作者的是我做出取舍的重要因素.

Credit was given, linked, and date of invention listed whenever possible. Ultimately the choices are my opinion only and naturally you may choose to disagree although in general it would be difficult to argue that all of these puzzles don't hold some significance. Creating a numbered list can be an interesting challenge as one weighs the position of the various puzzles. And the idea of only including “Top 10” puzzles on this list in an ordered fashion? It's downright unfair. But then again, life is unfair and as much as I wanted this list to be longer (and maybe some day it will!) I had to draw the line somewhere.

列表会尽可能注明原制作者, 链接和发明日期. 这个列表是我的个人意见, 你可以不赞同, 但是总的来说, 很难否定本列表的魔方都有某种重要性. 编写一个有排序的列表是一个有趣的挑战, 你必须要衡量每个魔方的位置. 那么只排十个魔方合适吗? 完全不公平. 但是, 生活本是不公平的, 就算我把这个列表弄得更长(也许有一天我会的), 也还是要某个数字上画一条界限.

Without further ado, here is the list:

闲话少说, 上列表:

Number Ten:
Bump Cube - Hidetoshi Takeji, circa 2004

Bump Cube - 竹治秀敏, 大约2004年


We begin our Top Ten list with an interesting offset shape modification of a 3x3x3 puzzle. The puzzle is a simple yet elegant design where every piece has a unique yet non-arbitrary shape which allows the puzzle to be solved without stickers and without the need to solve for center parity. This is essentially the same as solving a regular rubik's cube, but significantly more difficult.

我们的十大列表从标准3阶魔方的一个有趣的偏移的形状改造开始. 这个魔方很简单, 但同时又是一个十分优雅的设计.  每个小块都有一个独有的但又非随意的形状, 使得不需要贴纸魔方也可以玩, 也没有中心块的奇偶性问题. 还原Bump Cube 本质上和还原普通3阶魔方是一样的, 但明显更难.

Hidetoshi-san's puzzle holds several notable distinctions;
1. His custom puzzle gallery debuted on the forum before he did.
2. His debut on the Twisty Puzzles forum was more of an invitation.
3. His Bump Cube (rebranded as the Rubik's Mirror Blocks) was mass produced.

1, 他的魔方比他本人更早地在我们的论坛出现.
2, 他到我们论坛来是很大原因是由于我们的邀请.
3, Bump Cube (重命名为 Rubik's Mirror Blocks) 已经量产了.

For the unique appearance of the puzzle, plus the success of achieving mass production after receiving no less than official Rubik’s branding, the Bump Cube makes Number Ten on the list.

由于独特的外形, 加上成功地以Rubik's的官方商标量产, 所以Bump Cube被排在第十位.

Number Nine:
Siamese Cube – Tony Fisher, circa 1981
Siamese Cube (连体魔方) – Tony Fisher, 约1981


At the dawn of the Rubik’s Cube craze, Tony Fisher was on hand not just to solve the puzzle, but to hack it into bits. Or, in this case, to make one puzzle from two.

在80年的魔方热之初, Tony Fisher 不仅还原魔方, 还把魔方劈成小块. 或者, 在这里, 他把两个魔方合并成一个.

While the Siamese Cube concept today is commonplace, the significance of the idea still dates back to those early years where with blades and glue in hand, the first custom twisty puzzle mod was born and a revolution started. This early revolution places the Siamese Cube (and all other fused puzzle concepts) at Number Nine.

虽然连体魔方今天看来太普通不过了, 但在早期只有小刀和胶水的年代, 还是具有特定意义的, 这标志着第一个自制魔方的诞生和一个革命的开始. 这个早期革命性的连体魔方(和其它合体魔方概念)排第九位.

Number Eight:
Tuttminx - Lee Tutt, circa 2005
Tuttminx - Lee Tutt, 约2005年


Mr. Tutt's debut on the forum was also the debut of the Tuttminx, a face turning truncated icosahedron puzzle similar in style to a Megaminx, only to a much larger scale. And with its debut, the concept of higher order non-cubical puzzles was demonstrated in grand style.

Tutt 先生是带着他的作品 Tuttminx 同时出现在论坛的. Tuttminx 是一个面可以转动的32面体魔方(截顶20面体, truncated icosahedron), 类似于五魔方(Megaminx), 但是面要多得多. 伴随着它的出现, 非六面体高阶魔方的概念隆重地展示了.

The Tuttminx pushes the limits of the face turning concept while Lee's later work in the Pyracosaminx and the final Tutt's Icosaminx presented limits of the corner turning puzzle. But all of this marvelous work began with the Tuttminx debut, one of the earliest large scale designs employing 3D design for the master pieces (masters hand made by a jeweler!) by someone never seen or heard of in the forum, placing this puzzle at Number Eight.

Tuttminx 推进了面转动魔方的极限. Tutt先生后来的作品 Pyracosaminx 和 Tutt's Icosaminx 则展示了角转动魔方所能到达的极限. 但所有这些了不起的作品都在Tuttminx 的出现后才开始的, 这是最早的运用3D设计去做主模(主模由一名珠宝商手工制作)的大规模魔方设计, 由一个不为论坛所知道的人完成的. 所以把Tuttminx 排第八位.


Number Seven:
Double Layer Cheese - Anthony Greenhill, circa 2002


By all appearances this puzzle is nothing more than a simple shape mod utilizing a UFO mechanism at its core. What distinguishes this puzzle from others is that it uses plastic sheet as the primary method for construction. Indeed, Anthony Greenhill's custom puzzles are primarily built from polystyrene sheet, a technique seldom used previously even though it was shown to be the superior method for a lot of shape mods.

从外表看来, 这只是以Rubik's UFO 结构作为内核的一个简单形状改造. 它与众不同的地方在于, 它是用塑料板作为主要的方法去制造的. 事实上, Anthony Greenhill的自制魔方主要地都是用塑料板做的, 这种技术之前从来没有被想到过, 但却被证明是形状改造的一个极好的方法.

Only in recent years has the popularity of plastic sheet really taken off as builders rediscover the advantages of using this building material. Will curved plastic sheet be next? Only Time will tell, but until then the puzzle still earns a Number Seven slot on this list.

直到最近, 魔方制作者们重新发现使用塑料板材料的优点后, 塑料板才真正流行起来. 使用弯曲的塑料板会是下一个(流行的方法)吗? 只有时间能告诉我们, 就算到了那时, 这个魔方还是能在我们的列表占有一席之地, 排在第七.

Number Six:
Teraminx - Andrew Cormier, circa 2008
Teraminx(七阶五魔方) - Andrew Cormier, circa 2008


What needs to be said about the Teraminx? The builder is a polyurethane casting machine and the puzzle is a masterpiece.

对于Teraminx, 我们需要说什么呢? 制造它的是一台塑胶快速成型机器, Teraminx 是一个杰出的艺术品.

The Teraminx is a brilliant design that truly pushes the concept of the higher order puzzle to the limit, creating a work that escalates the technique of 3D modeling and fabrication. Aside from the puzzle itself, Andrew's incredibly fast casting technique has demonstrated that it is indeed possible to fabricate a puzzle of this magnitude within hours and not weeks.

Teraminx 是一个天才的设计, 大大推进了高阶魔方概念的极限, 增强了使用3d建模和制造的技术. 除了魔方本身, 作者 Andrew 的不可思议的快速铸造技术证明了, 制造一个如此复杂的魔方, 可以只用几个小时, 而不是几个星期.

As a carefully choreographed mechanism of a frightening number of visible moving pieces, the Teraminx essentially has no equals among custom puzzles and earns itself and its builder a spot at Number Six.

精心设计的结构, 令人吃惊的可见小块的数量, 这都为Teraminx 无可匹敌地在列表中占据了第六位.

Number Five:
Void Cube - Okamoto Katsuhiko, circa 2007
空心魔方 - 冈本胜彦, 约2007


At first glance the Void Cube seems less like a custom puzzle and more like a mystery. Does the Void Cube even rotate? It most certainly does.

咋一看, 空心魔方更多地是一个不可思议的奇迹, 而不是一个自制魔方. 空心魔方能转吗? 当然能!

This puzzle from a master craftsman at first glance certainly does appear impossible. His technique of building jigs and directly fabricating puzzles from raw blocks of ABS plastic is virtually peerless, only echoed by a few employing CNC machines and laser cutters.

这个来自手艺大师的魔方, 第一眼看怎么都是不可能的. 他制造夹具(jig?)和直接从ABS塑料块加工出魔方的技术是无人能敌的, 只有少数使用数控机床和激光切割机的人敢和他比高下.

His many years of machine work have resulted in many impressive works over the years, the pinnacle of which is arguably this work. And in yet another impressive feat, Okamoto-san joins the ranks of the few custom builders who have seen their puzzles mass produced, securing the Void Cube its place at Number Five.

他多年的机器活制作了大量令人印象深刻的作品, 而空心魔方无疑是他的创作的一个巅峰之作. 另一个功绩是, 冈本先生加入了为数不多的能使他们的作品量产的制作者的队伍, 这让空心魔方在我们列表稳居第五.

Number Four:
Pentultimate - Jason Smith, circa 2008


Some people doubted that this puzzle could even be built. Or rather, that nobody was insane enough to build one. Taking an idea discussed by no less than Robert Webb and Bram Cohen, the self proclaimed madman eventually built the puzzle by sheer determination, ingenuity, and a trusty CNC machine, resulting in a mechanism that makes people of lesser intestinal fortitude give up all hopes of ever duplicating the effort.

有人怀疑这个魔方能够被制造出来. 或者说, 没有人会疯狂到制造这么一个魔方. 用了Robert Webb和 Bram Cohen的主意, 一个自称疯子的人最终把这个魔方制造了出来. 这需要坚决的信念, 精巧的设计, 和一台可靠的数控机床, 最终实现了这么一种结构, 会让缺乏勇气的人放弃一切想复制一个的念头.

For sheer audacity of design and construction, the Pentultimate earns itself (and the human being the puzzle owns) a Number Four spot in this countdown.

这个具有极大勇气的设计和制造, 排第四位.

Number Three:
Slim Tower - Tony Fisher, circa 1990

[no link]

This puzzle is one of the simplest custom puzzles that goes beyond the "mere" shape mod for the enthusiast. There are many ways to make this puzzle, which makes the Slim Tower a fantastic way to learn many techniques, provided that the builder chooses to put those techniques to good use.

这个魔方是除了单纯的形状改造之外, 最简单的自制魔方了. 有多种方法可以制作这个魔方, 使得制作Slim Tower称为一个极好的学习魔方制作技术的手段.

The simple concept of bandaging and building over an existing mechanism may seem commonplace in the modern day, but the idea was spawned when certain advanced tools were well beyond the reach of anybody except those working in the plastics or machining industry. Even today the general concept can be expanded to the creation of virtually any cuboid for as long as the appropriate NxNxN mechanism exists.

现在, 捆绑魔方的概念是极其平常的. 但想法往往只能存在于脑袋里, 因为除了少数在塑料和机械行业的人, 某些高级工具我们都可望不可及. 就是今天, 这种概念可以用来制造任何LxMxN魔方, 如果相应的 NXNXN 魔方存在.

It is interesting to note that this is the only puzzle on this list that was not actually directly constructed by its inventor (only designed and described), therefore there is no picture of an original. However the sheer influence of the creation of more complex cuboids using the same basic method makes a compelling case for its inclusion, earning the 2x2x3 Slim Tower the Number Three position.

值得指出的是, Silm Tower是我们的列表里唯一的一个没有被发明者(只是设计和描述)直接制造出来的. 所以没有原始作品的图片. 然而, 其直接影响到后来用同样方法制造各种更复杂的LxMxN魔方, 所以2x2x3魔方排名第三.

Number Two:
24-Cube - Matt S., circa 2008


The number two puzzle on this list was brought by one of the maddest of the current crop of twisty puzzle designers. The 24 Cube is predated by two other stunning works, the Toru and Rua, where jumbling is a key feature of their design. The 24 Cube however takes the "less is more" approach and presents a mere 12 apparent moving pieces despite the hundreds required in its framework to make the puzzle work.

第二位的魔方是由当今魔方设计者队伍中最疯狂的一位给我们带来的. 在24 Cube 之前, 作者设计了另外两个惊人的作品, Toru 和 Rua, 在这两个作品中, 混杂(jumbling,一类魔方,说不清楚)是主要的设计思想. 而24 cube 的设计思想是"少比多好", 只有12个可见转动的小块,虽然还有数百个看不见的小块使得魔方能够按设计的那样转动.

One glance at the simple looking “half chop” design tells the observer nothing about what sort of insane mechanism is required to make this puzzle work, which is really an elegant part of this puzzle’s greatness. The 24 Cube is truly a master of deception where simplicity and complexity intersect to make this puzzle Number Two on the list of greatest custom puzzles ever.

看上去很简单的"切两半"的设计, 观察者很难看出其内部的结构. 而其结构实在是这个伟大的魔方的一个优雅之处. 简单(外表)和复杂(内部)的完美结合, 使得这个魔方排名第二.

Number One:
Fisher Cube - Tony Fisher, circa 1985

[no link]

How does a "simple shape mod" make the top of the list? Several very important reasons: Firstly, the Fisher Cube is quite possibly the granddaddy of all custom shape modifications that did not come from a factory. Second, the Fisher Cube is one of those puzzles that almost every novice builder attempts on their way to improving their skills. Many techniques can be employed to make the puzzle and many new skills to learn.

为什么这个一个简单的形状改造排名第一? 几个重要原因:首先, Fisher Cube 很有可能是所有不是由工厂生产的自制的形状改造的魔方之父. 其次, Fisher Cube 是几乎所有魔方改造新手都做过的. 在制作Fisher Cube时, 可以学习和运用各种技术.

The Fisher Cube, much like its inventor, is iconic, a representation of the qualities many custom puzzle makers strive for: Innovation. Creativity. Craftsmanship. Skill. It is this iconic stature and its longevity in the puzzling community that ranks the Fisher Cube the Number One greatest custom Twisty Puzzle of all Time.

Fisher Cube 和它的发明者一样,  已经成为了一个符号,一个标志, 代表了很多制作者追求的东西:革新, 创作,手艺和技巧. 正是由于这个符号性的形象和在魔方社区的保持长期出现, 所以把它排在第一!

With the passage of the years the list may certainly change or grow as inventors come and go and new techniques are learned. Or perhaps others in the future may have their own ideas about what constitutes their own “Top 10” list and write up their own. I tried to create this list with no bias, doing my best to adhere strictly to the rules dictated in the title of this write-up. Unfortunately there are many names of custom puzzle greats that have not been mentioned even though they truly merit credit and recognition. It was a regrettable decision that had to be made for the sake of brevity and for that I am truly sorry.

随着时间流逝, 新的制作者和技术的涌现, 十大列表当然会变. 或者也许其他人在以后有他们心目中的"十大". 我写这个"十大"时, 力求公正. 然而,  有很多人和优秀魔方没有被这个"十大"提到. 为了使得这个列表简洁, 只好忍痛割爱了, 十分遗憾.

In any case I hope to at least inspire some of you out there to contemplate this list, think about the puzzles, learn the techniques to create them, and walk tall among the innovators and visionaries of the Twisty Puzzles community as we all head into a bright custom puzzle future.

无论如何, 我希望这个列表能够启发你们沉思, 思索一下魔方, 学习魔方制作技术, 奔向一个光辉的未来.

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